IRCTC Train PNR Status Inquiry - Check PNR Status Online

IRCTC Train PNR Status Inquiry - Check PNR Status Online

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What is PNR?

The ticket for an Indian Railways train comprises of a 10-digit number. This number is called PNR, an acronym for Passenger Name Record, and it is generated when you book a train ticket through Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) website or at the ticket counter. After you book a train ticket, the Centre of Railway Information Systems (CRIS) stores it for 9 months and then deletes it. To find out your train travel details, you need to check PNR status first.

What does a PNR number store?

A PNR no. has the following information: Details of the passenger, which include name, age and gender. Details of the train, which include train number, coach and seat numbers, class of travel and departure station. Details of the ticket, which include the mode of payment, transaction ID and fare.

How is a PNR number issued for a train?

The PNR number contains two parts and the first three digits specify the area from where the ticket is booked. The starting digit of the PNR number indicates from where the train would start. As any Indian Railways train ticket is booked from a PRS (Passenger Reservation System), the two succeeding digits after the first number will denote the particular PRS. When the PNR number on the train ticket begins from 1, it will originate from SCR zone from Secunderabad PRS. When the PNR no. begins from…

How to find the PNR number on a train ticket?

On an Indian railways train ticket, you can find the PNR number on the top left hand corner. When you have booked an e-ticket from IRCTC website, or from an online travel website, the number would be present on the top section. How to check PNR Status? To check your PNR status, click here and type in the PNR no. and details, and instantly get the updated result.

What does a PNR Status signify?

For a railway enquiry regarding whether or not your ticket is booked, an IRCTC PNR status specifies it correctly. It is important to know what the abbreviations stand for. CNF: This means that your railway train ticket has been confirmed. CAN: You will see this acronym when your ticket has been cancelled. WL: If you see WL when you check your updated PNR status, it indicates that your train ticket is on the Waiting List and you cannot board the train. If the train is about to depart and the list…

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